What are Flogos?

Flogos are incredible floating foam shapes which form from a stencil of your choice. These shapes then float away into the atmosphere, providing a visual, attention grabbing effect like no other. From logos to creative designs, we can accomplish almost anything with a stencil.


How Flogos were used in a Palmolive® commercial


Eye Catching

Flogos are eye catching and can capture the attention of anyone in the vicinity. Get your brand recognised or wow your guests with a Flogo Hire.

Choose How Often

Flogos can be developed every 5-60 seconds! The longer they take to develop, the thicker they will become. In most situations, we recommend every 20 seconds.

Environmentally Friendly

Flogo foam consists of water, helium, air and a specially formulated Flogo liquid. This means that the foam slowly disintegrates as it floats away.

Indoor & Outdoor

Flogos can be operated indoors and outdoors. The foam itself leaves hardly any wet marks on ceilings or walls.



Advertise your company or product by having your logo float high up in the sky for everyone in the vicinity to see. Excellent when combined with a promotional team!


Draw attention or create an amazing atmosphere for your event. From weddings to festivals and concerts, it's sure to enhance the atmosphere and make your event noticable.


Be unique and propose in style. Show your partner how much they mean to you by surrounding them with a design of your choice.

Photos & Videos

Whether you want magical looking wedding photos or a commercial with special effects, we can make it possible.


  • Flogo 24″ Model

    The Flogo 24″ model allows us to utilise a stencil design of around 21″, providing an amazing display.

  • Flogo Technician

    Our Flogo technician will look after the operation of the equipment throughout the hire period.

  • Adjustment of Floating Positions

    In the right conditions, we can adjust the floating position of the Flogo. In other words, if you want your Flogo to face upwards, we can adjust the settings that allow us to achieve that effect.

  • Stock Stencil

    Choose from our already designed stencils or for an additional fee we can design a stencil for you.

  • Trestle Table & Cover

    We provide a trestle table and table cover to minimise visibility of our equipment.

  • Basic Settings

    Our basic settings allow us to provide an amazing display. In fact, we do not recommend anything more than basic settings unless you desire more out of your Flogo hire.


Custom Stencil Design

Have your logo or your creative idea’s become a floating cloud of foam by getting a custom stencil designed. Includes stencil switching every 15+ minutes!

Additional Stock Stencils

Add a little bit of a change to the atmosphere with additional stock stencils! We also include free stencil switching every 15+ minutes.

Effect Upgrades

We can make further adjustments to the Flogos by using additional helium, therefore allowing us to change our settings that can assist in making them thicker, float faster or release quicker.


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